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Let’s talk about web design. Our aim is to inform those people that don’t know much about this subject and need to catch up with it because they want to obtain their own website. This website is targeted mainly to those who want to acquire a corporate web design. But don’t get the wrong idea! By acquiring a corporate web design, we are talking about hiring a designer, and not designing it themselves. But, ¿why do you need to read an informative website if you are hiring a designer to do the job anyway? This job is different to others: you can’t delegate everything to the person you hire. You must get involved in the job and participate actively in it. This occurs because designing is not an activity to achieve standard results that can be applied to every situation, but an activity to achieve graphic objects that are directly connected with the message the client wants to convey through it. This is when the client involvement is evident. The message to be conveyed is something that only the client should create and communicate to the designer.

However, the client’s involvement is not limited to the mere outline of the message to be conveyed. The client should always be involved, by making decisions, providing and listening to new ideas, agreeing or rejecting any suggestions made by the designer, etc. His involvement is permanent as the aim is to form a team between the designer and his client. A team that strengthen their competences and that finds the best design possible. Of course, the client’s involvement in the design doesn’t intervene in their daily life and job as they are not supposed to intervene much: if they take the job seriously, the clients will be able to give the necessary indications in a short time. He is supposed to only advise the designers, and it’s not necessary that they follow the designer’s work closely.

The aim of this website is to help you improve the communication between you and the designer. We also want to help you expose your ideas more clearly, to help you gain the necessary knowledge for you to make good decisions, and to help you know the web design world so that you can get along in it comfortably. To accomplish this aim, we have divided this website into different subjects sections. By handling every subject in deep and by the progression of concept complexity —starting with the simplest and going to the most complex subjects— our objective is to help you understand the ideas on this website. We recommend reading every section in order. We understand that the reading on the internet is generally vague, and this is why we have developed each section for them to be read and handled independently with no trouble.

"What is Web Design?" is an introductory section that provides general information and concepts about web design. This section is also quite useful as it also deals with the main features of a website. If you get to know the most important characteristic of web design, you will get a design that meets your expectations and plans.

"Website Commercial Functions" provides the three basic functions of a website. This page explains why a website is necessary and how it influences sales indirectly as an essential marketing tool.

"Web Design and Corporate Identity" features a brief analysis of corporate identity concept and deals with its relation with its most essential features: corporate logo and website. This section also deals with the unquestionable necessity to accomplish homogeneity among the parts that make up the corporate identity, providing eloquent examples.

"Colors and Typography", these are two elements that are generally chosen by the client. Even those who have no idea of what we are talking about and still believe that the design is responsibility of the designer feel free to choose the design colors and typography.

"Web Design Complements" deals with a crucial element in web design development: the programmer. On this page, we will emphasize how programmers are completely necessary to create a website. This emphasis is made because programmers are not as eminent as designers are and, for this reason, they are underestimated. On the other hand, the page deals with the function of SEOs, the ones in charge of positioning a website in search engines.

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